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Alice Valerie Yalcin Efe, aka “biskuwi”, is a Stockholm based electronic music producer whose involvement with music has spanned more than 20 years.


Her musical journey commenced at 7, when she started playing with toy pianos and pretty much anything that could produce sound. Shortly after, she found herself taking guitar lessons to make the dream come true: a guitarist in a rock band!


Played in numerous rock and metal bands; it was not until 2010 that she transitioned their sound; gravitating more and more towards electronic music, especially deep house and techno. Hence her ability to unite several elements and genres throughout her current productions.


Her dark, ambient melodies are distinctive, melancholic and hesitant and her moods are exotic and teasing. Her compositions subdue character, and its charm comes through in its distinct directness and its lack of allegiance to any aesthetic or genre, although, she fashions the idea of simplicity.


She create musical elements that twist and wrap organically around each another. Hence, she become one living and evolving ‘thing’."

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