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aka Alice Efe

Meet Alice, also known as "biskuwi," an electronic music producer and DJ hailing from Stockholm, Sweden.


With a rich musical history spanning over 25 years, Alice's journey into the world of music began at the tender age of 7. From the outset, she displayed a natural affinity for all things that could create sound, often experimenting with toy pianos and any instrument she could lay her hands on. However, it wasn't long before she set her sights on a different dream – becoming a guitarist in a rock band.

Alice's early years saw her actively involved in numerous rock and metal bands, honing her skills, and expanding her musical horizons. However, it was a pivotal moment in 2010 that marked a significant shift in her sonic exploration. She felt an irresistible pull towards electronic music, particularly deep house and techno, and embraced this newfound passion wholeheartedly. This transition has since become the hallmark of her musical style, allowing her to seamlessly fuse elements from various genres into her productions.

Her musical creations are characterized by dark, ambient melodies that are both distinctive and tinged with melancholy. Alice's compositions evoke a sense of exoticism and tease the senses, captivating listeners with their unique directness and refusal to conform to any specific aesthetic or genre. Yet, she masterfully embodies the idea of simplicity in her art.

Alice's talent lies in crafting musical elements that effortlessly intertwine and evolve organically. Her productions take on a life of their own, becoming a living, breathing entity that evolves with each note.

Over the years, this accomplished producer/DJ has graced the stages of prestigious festivals and clubs such as Sonnemond Sterne, Harry Klein, and Södra Teatern, among others. Her music has garnered support from some of the industry's most prominent DJs, including Solomun, Mathame, Kevin de Vries, Yotto, Lane8, Fideles, Binaryh, Matchy, 8Kays, Richie Hawtin, Moonwalk, and Undercatt an so on. Additionally, her tracks have consistently found their place in the Beatport Top 10 charts within their respective genres, showcasing her enduring influence and popularity.

Alice's music has also made its mark on various Spotify Editorial playlists, including Techno Bunker, Electronic Circus, Beats to Think To, Low Key Tech, Open Air, Beats of Tomorrow and Tunnel Vision solidifying her status as a trailblazing artist in the electronic music scene. Notably, she has graced the cover of the renowned "Electronic Rising" playlist twice, further cementing her reputation as an artist on the rise.

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